Friday, May 1, 2009

Calgary Minor Hockey Boundary Changes

In Calgary, they've reviewed the boundaries for where each rink should get its players from. They've considered several things:
1) Association size
2) Ice per player (Including ice time per Timbit)
3) Impact of change on players
4) Financial impact
5) Other (such as sustainability, future demographics, geography, community charters, and changes to association governance).

I'm quite relieved that Hockey Calgary will recommend grandfathering for graduating Bantams (1994), but wish they would also recommend it for the younger siblings.

I was in attendance for the proposal vote yesterday at the Coast Plaza Hotel and was pleased that much of my feedback had been considered and implemented. I was mostly concerned about the future state of the Timbits (ages 4 - 8), as I like to put some friendly wagers on the outcomes of their games. It's like the roulette of sports gambling.

Need I say more?

I also attended the Timbits Jamboree in March, which was attended by Farley from the Calgary Hitmen, Derrick from the Calgary Roughnecks and Slider from the Calgary Vipers. It was refreshing to see them all in the same place at it made many childhood memories flood back. It seemed inappropriate though, that the Stampeders Cheerleaders were there in uniform. Their outfits are not exactly modest. What gives, Stamps?

They're still missing a few pieces to the puzzle.


  1. I'm so happy to hear that you were in attendance for this: I had a sports injury that I needed some physio therapy for and had to miss the proposal vote.

    The whole boundary debate is 100 years old: The politics of it run much deeper than you realize.....

    You bring up a great point in regards to the future of the Timbits: They will be in the NHL one day and not enough people realize that.

    I'm outraged that the cheerleaders were there: OUTRAGED!! I'm going to get on the phone right now....

  2. Nothing runs deeper than I realize, Sara. I've been following this since Tim Horton was in the OHL.

    If you really want to make a difference with the Stamps, hit them where it hurts: streaking.