Monday, May 4, 2009

The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports

I do this every year. I get SO excited about the Kentucky Derby that I fly down to Churchill Downs the first weekend in May only to be faced with disappoint-ment. For starters, their mint juleps aren't as good as the ones I make in my home. That's only fair though, because I bartend competitively. As a side note, Tom Cruise's flair "bartending" in the film Coctail is pretty pathetic. Here's some guys I've competed against. They're called the Pour Boys and they're really cool guys with a lot of style. You can hear at the beginning of the video the cameraman says "It's recording" then Freddie B asks "this is for Craig Storm?" Well you know who that is.

Enough about that, for now. I could probably fill a whole other blog about that. What disappointed me about the KY Derby was misinformation I was given regarding a horse. See what happens when I let someone else research for me? The horse Doctor Rap dumped his jockey and ran over the back of filly Raspberry Miss. Well that jockey was Tony Farino. And which horse was he supposed to be riding, according to my stupid friend? Only Big Brown, the horse I bet thousands on. Well due to the injuries he sustained that fateful day that Miss Raspberry died from a shattered pelvis, another jockey had to ride my favoured horse. It was Kent Desormeaux of which I am not a fan. I kept my bet on Big Brown after I learned this, because of his amazing win in '08 where runner-up filly Eight Belles collapsed. Well the odds were not good enough and I ended up winning on all bets except this one. It really makes me want to skip the KY Derby next year, but I say that every year. I am considering writing a book on thoroughbred horseracing tradgedies and their affect on gambling. I've pitched the idea to Vintage, but now that they have a book in Oprah's book club they won't give me the time of day. I refuse to go independant again. I thought Oprah liked sports after seeing her Olympics episode. Maybe I was wrong?


  1. again,man wut is this sh*t/? i cannt even belive yr posting this.

    who cares about some stoopid hiorse show?

    wat's next, a beuty pagent? frigg man!

  2. Again Robbie, you are using fighting words. You also are a TERRIBLE speller.

    Craig, I like what you've done with infusing bartending and horses into the same blog post, both great sports. I had no idea that you were a competitive bartender, do you have a youtube video of yourself doing it?

    I don't really understand how you couldn't like the imcompreble Kent Desormeaux. Was it not him who told none other then the great Charlie Rose, and I quote "If you aren't a jockey, you don't "know" horses" That quote will live on in infamy...

  3. Sara, I haven't got a youtube video of any of my competitions, as I don't want people stealing my tricks. Just know that I've placed third in my region twice and was voted "best up-and-comer" in 2002. Maybe I'll post pictures of my trophies. Speaking of spelling, Sara...

    Robbie. Have you ever even been on a horse? Anyone who's ridden bareback wouldn't be saying that. I was going to do a post on Balloon Racing, but I'll postpone that for some football stuff. For you, Robbie. Now, do you mean American Gridiron football, or Soccer?