Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sports Inside me

Even as a child, I was fascinated by sports. When you have as much sports knowledge as I do, you have to have started young, am I right? My favorite sports hero was Phil Grayfield. Phil played for the Chicago Bears but had to quit due to an injury he sustained from rescuing a child. He then became a sports journalist for Sports Inside, and among the people Phil interviewed was a scientist who developed a new type of football uniform. It was during this interview that thugs barged in and beat him, the scientist and his cameraman Ken Reid and stole a vanload of NFL merchandise. (Glass of O.J anyone?). This event naturally changed all of their lives and Phil went on to campaign against the use of steroids.

He really was a Super Pro.


  1. Pretty sure that Phil Grayfield lied about the rescuing a child injury, I think he just wanted to look good for the public. Where is the wikipedia entry on that huh? Hate to be the voice of reason, but I don't want former pro athletes to be remembered for heroic things that aren't "officially documented" or have an "authentic" news story on it.

    I could tell people that I broke my leg fighting off AIDS, but instead I chose to tell people the truth: I tried to hurdle a hurdle that was just a bit too high. The truth will set you free

  2. Have you checked wikipedia? Since I've written about 75% of the sports entries on that site, I think you should check again. Incidentally, 25% of the sports entries on wikipedia are erronious. I think you see what I'm saying.

    Many accounts on Phil Grayfield's life are documented and distributed, their authenticity is up to you to decide.

    That sucks that you're telling people you've got AIDS in your leg. I don't really know what you're getting at.

  3. Where are you getting your "facts" that you put on wikipedia? I happen to know the founder of Wikipedia and am gonna let him know he should probably fact check all of the sports related entries. Take that.

  4. What does he know about sports?

    Look at this picture of him:

  5. Just because he has decided to wear Chinese inspired clothing, doesn't mean he doesn't know anything about sports. Sumo Wrestling is his specialty. Don't judge a book by it's cover, or should I say, Don't judge an athlete by their jock strap.

  6. China? You might be thinking of Taijiquan, Qigong, Xiangqi or Weiqi. Not Sumo.

    So are you saying only a true athlete wears a jock strap? This eliminates one of the genders, no?