Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It's gut check time.

Due to the overwhelming ignorance of the people leaving comments, I was forced to put the blog on hiatus for a few days and take some personal time. I decided that the most theraputic activity would be wingsuit flying, so I grabbed my squirrel suit (named after a flying squirrel's abilities, not it's appearance) and my chute and headed to Norway with Glenn Singleman. I get a lot of criticism for wingsuit flying, mostly due to my excellence in the sport without having done the recommended 200 regular skydives ahead of time. My first jump was with a wingsuit when I was 9. I'm almost certain that my intense passion and fearlessness for skydiving came from my mother, who was the first skydiver to base jump while pregnant (with me) and have her chute not deploy. See a copycat here:

I flew home last night and feel rejuvenated and ready to put up with any degree of apparent sports-related-brain-injury induced ignorance that may come my way. You know who I'm talking about. And to my critics: I have the sport with the right pace for you:


  1. Being a professional athlete myself, I'm pretty offended by your self-righteous cocky attitude. I work out so hard everyday that my legs bleed from the veins working so hard, and my heart stops from time to time cause it can't keep up with my endurance. I realize that you are a skilled person, but no more so than maybe 2% of the world's population. So cool it, ok?

    Glenn Singleman in my opinion is very over-hyped. His tendancy is to fly close to the mountains so that he looks really cool, but in reality it's the safest kind of wingsuit flying you could do. The really good guys, like Jari Kuosma fly in the middle of canyons and valleys, because they are not afraid of crashing or need a "safey net" like Glenn does.

    Don't know about your technique Craig, but I would hope, judging from your ego, that you would fly in the middle as well.

  2. You're an athlete and you don't like cockiness? I can excuse your mental cognizance because I think it's caused by blood loss. Maybe you should go lie down and let the grown-ups talk.

    That video was lame. Here's 5 reasons why:

    1)It's titled Winsuit Soul Flyers 2. Dumb name, and they spelled wingsuit wrong.

    2)It only contains minimal wingsuit footage. The rest is losers getting pulled around on parachutes.

    3)It has a lot of still photos of people mid-jump and the looks on their faces are ridiculous. When I jump, I take it seriously and my face resembles this:

    4)Some of those still pictures in the video look like Polaroid pictures. Um, what year is this? Polaroids? Get a HD Digital camera people.

    5)You posted it.

    My ego tells you I jump in canyons and valleys? Well, since you asked, I wingsuit fly from mountaintops into deep underground caves. Once inside, I do caving (you'd call it spelunking, rookie) and once I get out, I blokart back to my IROC. Then I come home and blog to a bunch of morons.

  3. Um, considering I made this movie Adrenaline Rush, I may know a thing or two about Wingsuit flying.

    As you can see, my friends who I have documented here freefall with nothing around them, a sign of maturity and skill.

    Also, you wingsuit fly into underground caves? Think about that for a second. Now do you realize that it doesn't make any sense?

    Sports started out with Polaroids. If it ain't broke, then why fix it?

  4. I'm sure you were the camera operator who stayed in the plane for that movie.

    What's not to understand about my technique? I jump out of a plane into the mouth of a deep cavers and climb out, with the wingsuit still on. You can totally feel the burn after that.

    If Polaroid's so great, why the terrible reviews?