Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Great at sports, bad at technoloy.

I joined a Canucks forum, nervous and unsure of how one conducts themself on a forum. This was my first experience doing such a thing. I posted some replies to some interesting, and some funny threads, in the hopes of making some connections, and enlightening some sports fans. Here's what happened:

The lesson I learned is don't plug your blog on an internet forum. The quote from the forum that stings the most:

"This site you keep talking about: to be about gay porn stars and their love all things Leafs. Disguisting mate. Why would you bring that to this board? "

-Rob Zepp

And the result:

The bitter end.

And for a long time, too:

On the bright side, I was introduced to a new musician, Bedbeats. Here's his site: . I'm not sure if I get it, but it sure sounds cool.



    Well, I guess you had to learn the hard way. I myself are on many elite message boards, some only for professional athletes like myself.
    I would invite you, but judging from the way Canuckster19 banned you, I have a feeling that my friends would not appreciate it.
    Sorry :)

  2. With technology, I seem to be learning things the hard way. But with sports, I learn the easy way: natural inherent ability fueled by stamina, agility and dexterity. But technology is for nerds, and sports are for jocks like me. I still come out on top.

  3. This is some of the most original comedy I have seen in awhile. Using the internet for some very original humour.

    I also enjoy the irony that user "Harbinger" seems to be the most helpful of all forum members! Sigh... it doesn't get any better than that.

  4. Not sure what you're getting at. Did you have sports related questions?