Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Which wrestler has the best dramatic entrance?

I read that question on Yahoo! answers today. A valid question, one that deserved to be answered in a creative way. Kudos to Haris for taking it to the next level and using a Haiku (I think) to answer:

Wrestling... The first WWE champ was Buddy Rogers in 1963. The most recent is Randy Orton in 2009. In between the two championships is a rich tapestry of story and thrills. From the political implications of Hulk Hogan pummeling the Iron Sheik, to the rule breaker Superstar Billy Graham being beat at his own game by Bob Backlund, to the Sumo spirit of Yokozuna, to the 10-year comeback of Hulk Hogan, to the Hollywood career of The Rock, to the totally unexpected championship win of Mr. McMahon, to the wildly sucessful political career of Jesse Ventura, this sport has it all. Drama, intrigue, spirit, agility. If it's guilty of anything it's of being not commercial enough. Here's the wrestling entrance theme song lyrics Haris refers to:



Superstar Billy Graham shaking hands with the best.


  1. Pretty much, the fact that your url's are "angelfire.com", prove to me that your picks aren't very substantial. Bret "the Hitman" Hart has always been and will always be the best wrestler there is. His wit and wisdom along with his physical strenth make him the top pick. He can wear pink and a leather jacket at the exact same time. Who else can do that?


  2. I can't argue with facts.
    The Hitman's a great wrestler.

    He is the best.

    But does he have
    A great dramatic entrance?

    He is not the best.

    Best vs not the best with interfere from dramatic.

    Winner: Read the post before you comment.