Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I recently finished my bossaball coaching season in Kuwait and realized that most North Americans are unfamiliar with the sport. Essentially, it combines soccer, gymnastics, volleyball and my special expertise: Capoeira. My coaching skills were trumped, however, by the natural Capoeira skills inherent in native Brazilians. We (Spain) lost to Brazil 25-15/25-21. It was a fierce competition, as always and our defeat means the highlight of the trip was when Joost Maas and I DJ'd some electro, house and old school 6 of the nights we were there. Although Joost brought most of the records, I had some killer chill-out tracks on my Mac I "spun" using Atomix Virtual DJ (no I don't work for them). The Kuwaiti dancing really made the trip "touch the bossa wall!" Although for them, maybe it was not such a great idea, what with the high rate of "honor crimes" in that nation.

Now get out there with the "W!"


  1. Wow, I thought Maas got traded to Ukraine? Weird. Again, another thing about "sports" that I didn't know! Keep up the excellent work!

  2. The things you don't know about sports could fill a warehouse, and hurt your kids. Joost Maas is a professor of education with a passion for great music and coaching bossaball. Her hobbies include beach volleyball and surfing. Until you've volley-surfed with Joost (or as I say "Juiced") you haven't tread the waters of extreme sports. "Juiced" was not offered any such trade, as there is no bossaball team in Ukraine. The sport hasn't reached that far east in Europe. Where are you getting your information?