Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Drop the biscuit!

Score a goal, get an assist, and get in a fight in one game, and you've just gotten a Gordie Howe Hat Trick. Clearly a difficult feat, one that I hope to achieve metaphorically, with this blog. I'm normally a modest person, however I must take this time to say that I am a walking sports encyclopedia. How many offensive rebounds did Ron Boone get in his 68-69 run with the Dallas Chaparrals? 155, of course. How many of the 19,121 bleacher related injuries were reported in 1995 for people between the ages of 15 - 24? Easy: 12.4%. How far was 1956 Olympic women's shot put gold medalist Tamara Tishkyevich (USSR) winning throw? 54 ft 5 in, duh. You can take time fact-checking me, but eventually you'll simply have to face facts. I'm always right. Just accept it unflinchingly as authoritative.

I was going to use this blog to follow the Calgary Flames and their rise to the top this season, but it looks like this is not their season to drink their opposing teams' blood, sweat and tears from the frosty stein known as Lord Stanley's cup. I've since shaved off my Lanny McDonald Nazirite moustache, put on my official Fan Attic Calgary Flames sackcloth and sit patiently and mournfully in the ashes of my former season tickets. I shall update on any relevant (and it's all relevant) information that I catch wind of in the off season. And in the meantime, I will blog about interesting sports trivia (although it seems blasphemous to use the word trivia, since it's anything but trivial.) I'll answer any questions you may have, so shoot!

And keep your stick on the ice.

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  1. Wow, this is the most in depth gritty look at sports that I've seen in a long time. I love how you don't hold back your opinions. Also, thank you so much for mentioning Tamara Tishkyevich, I feel like she really doesn't get enough credit.