Friday, June 26, 2009

R.I.P, hero.

"[He] was a brilliant troubadour for his generation, a genius whose [craft] reflected the passion and creativity of an era. His artistry and magnetism changed the ... landscape forever. We have been profoundly affected by his originality, creativity and amazing body of work. The entire ... family extends our deepest condolences to his family and to the millions of fans around the world who loved him"
“He didn't miss a beat in life. He had good times. He liked to live ... and the results of those things take a toll on you. But he was a happy guy until the day he died.”
You live your life with these heroes that you look up to. You act like them, you dress like them. You buy the same glove as them and wear it to school. Then they get older, and so do you. You watch them alongside millions of others do things they regret. And their heroism fades away. And they become a joke. How does one go from a point where everyone loves you, to another where everyone ridicules you in such a short time span? Perhaps the heart attack was actually a broken heart.
Dusty Rhodes, who helped the Giants win their last World Series title in 1954, has died. He was 82. Rhodes died Wednesday of cardiopulmonary arrest at Valley Hospital Medical Center in Las Vegas, the Clark County coroner's office said Thursday. He lived in Henderson.


  1. Hmmm......pretty sure those first quotes were really about the pop singer Michael Jackson....

  2. That's actually a Jesse Jackson baseball. Michael didn't play baseball. And you call yourself a fanatic. Shame...