Friday, October 2, 2009

This Tastes Immoral

Another coach told me a story that I thought was great. Her and her family were having a conversation. This family includes her and her husband and two sons, all WASP Canadians. One of her sons brought his girlfriend who happens to have a Lebanese Muslim heritage. Anyway, they were discussing what they would do if they were stranded somewhere and they had to eat a human. One of the sons said that he heard that human tastes just like pork. Well this girlfriend piped up and asked "Well what would I eat then?"

Absolutely perfect.


  1. This blog is so much wild. Since it talks about to eat the human. Muslim heritage and Hindu heritage can't meet togther for this difference only. I have great emotions towards girlfriend.


  2. I bet that's not a nice link. I don't know much about computers, but I don't think people should go to that website. Besides, it's not sports related, and is therefore so much pointless. I think it talks about to buy the batteries. That's not so much wild.

  3. I have great emotions towards your girlfriend too.